Design of Sustainable Agro-forestry Systems

UACh Researchers: Dante Pinochet, Jaime Cuevas, Olga Barbosa, Dorota Dec, Ignacio López, Oscar Balocchi

Associated Researchers: Jaime Cuevas (INIA)

Due to its temperate weather, southern Chile has historically developed production systems without the need for irrigation, which has changed in recent years with the addition of non-traditional crops (berries, vineyards and cherry trees). In this context, estimates of changes in weather patterns for southern Chile open a unique opportunity to design production systems that maximize the efficiency in the use of resources, with emphasis on water and soil nutrients.

In RL-3, the design of site-specific agro-forestry systems that tend to maximize the productivity of energy and biomass with minimal contamination of soil, water and air systems will be studied, aiming to provide productive systems with high environmental and social performance. This will be achieved through the implementation of new research proposals with a multidisciplinary approach, to enable the development and study of sustainable agro-forestry systems for south central Chile.