Dante Pinochet

Ingeniero Agrónomo
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1978)
Magíster en Ciencias Agropecuarias, mención Fertilidad de Suelos
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1986)
Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science (PhD) The Reading University, Inglaterra.

ResearcherID: D-8313-2015

Linea de investigación CISVo: Diseño de Sistemas Silvoagropecuarios Sostenibles

  • Presentación

    Ingeniero Agrónomo, M. Sc., Ph. D.

    Área de especialización: Fertilidad de Suelos.

  • Publicaciones ISI

    Valle R., S., Carrasco, J., Pinochet, D., Soto,P., Mac Donald, R. (2015). Spatial distribution assessment of extractable Al, (NaF) pH and phosphate retention as tests to differentiate among volcanic soils. Catena 127: 17-25

    Huygens, D., Schouppe, J., Roobroeck, D., Alvarez, M., Balocchi, O., Valenzuela, E., Pinochet, D., Boeckx, P. (2011). Drying–rewetting effects on N cycling in grassland soils of varying microbial community composition and management intensity in south central Chile. Applied Soil Ecology (aceptado

    Pinochet, D., Jana, C. (2011). Rhizospheric effect of four poaceae forages in a volcanic soil as a strategy to reduce toxicity by aluminum. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition. (accepted).

    Sandaña, P., Pinochet, D. (2011). Ecophysiological determinants of biomass and grain yield of wheat under P deficiency. Field Crop Research 120: 311-319.

    Valle R.S., Pinochet, D., Calderini, D. (2011). Uptake, partitioning and use efficiency of N, P, K, Ca and Al by wheat Al-sensitive and Al-tolerant cultivars growing in a wide range of soil Al concentrations. Field Crop Research 121: 392-400.

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    Fono: (56-63) 2221239
    E-mail: dpinoche@uach.cl